Transcription Services


Transcription Services in Berkshire, Hampshire & Surrey

Transcription services are a common virtual assistant service that I get asked about.

What is a transcription service?

A “transcription service” is a person or business that compiles and delivers a written or printed version of an audio or video recording.

I can transcribe both audio and video recordings to digital formats, for example Microsoft Word documents.

My digital transcription service is straight forward to use – once you’ve recorded your conference call, dictation, meeting or interview send me your recording to get a quote and then I’ll send you your accurate transcript within the agreed turnaround time.

As you are not subjected to be tied in to any fixed contracts, my transcription services are extremely cost effective and can save you time and money.

I can provide you or your business with an affordable transcription service that is fast, reliable, and confidential. Contact me now on 07789 629 519 or schedule a FREE no obligation telephonic consultation.

Transcription Service Rates

If you’re researching transcription services online, you will have noticed that ordering audio or video transcription for the very first time can be a not so straight-forward process as you have to consider several extras that may well affect your transcription pricing.

What factors could affect the cost of your transcription?

Transcription rates are dependent on numerous factors like audio or video quality, turnaround time, number of speakers in the conversations and transcription style.

  1. Audio or Video Sound Quality - Poor audio or video sound quality takes longer to transcribe, and can in some instances be one of the key factors that affect pricing.While I prefer to take on transcription services for high quality audio or video because it’s quicker to transcribe and costs my clients considerably less, I do appreciate that sometimes the quality will not be the best.There are a few other factors that you’ll also need to consider, like strong accents, background noise or music, and content of a highly technical or specialised nature.Please also bear in mind that poor audio or video sound quality could also slow down turnaround times considerably.If in doubt, send me the audio or video so that I can provide you with an accurate quote and my rates.
  2. Turnaround Time – First of all, let me be straight up and tell you that I do not offer 24 hour turnaround times.Generally – but not in all cases – transcription companies that can offer you a transcription turnaround time of 24 hours or less either use software to carry out the transcription or outsource the work to third-party companies abroad. In some cases, the quality of the work delivered is of poor quality and you end up paying twice as much for a quality transcription.Turnaround times will be dependent on the quality of the audio or video sent to me for transcription. All my transcription service turnaround times are listed in ‘business’ days. Weekends and holidays do not count towards the turnaround time quoted.Turnaround times are counted from after the day we receive them. Thus if a transcription type has a 2 day turnaround and we received your tapes on Monday, you should not expect your transcripts until late Wednesday afternoon or early Thursday morning.Please note, all non-rush turnaround times quoted are estimates and not guarantees. We deliver the vast majority of our work within the stated time frames, but sometimes it may be slightly longer or slightly shorter due to pre-existing workloads. (i.e. +/- 1 day)
  3. Transcription Styles – There are several transcription styles that can affect the rates of your transcription service.I only offer the following styles of transcription:
    • Intelligent Verbatim (Standard Style) – This is the most common transcription style we deliver, and one in which we accurately capture everything spoken by participants, but which we exclude the following:
      • false starts (words spoken at the start of a sentence which the speaker then rapidly corrects with a change of direction),
      • repetitions and;
      • the excessive use of filler words such as ‘um’, ‘err’, ‘you know’ and ‘like’
    • Strict Verbatim (Orthographic Transcription) – This transcription style is a strict word-for-word capture of what was spoken by participants in an audio recording or a video and as such we include the following:
      • false starts,
      • repetitions and filler words which would ordinarily be excluded in a standard style transcription
      • grammatically incorrect speaker idiosyncrasies

Request a quote for an audio or video transcription service in the Berkshire, Hampshire, London and Surrey area and beyond by calling me now on on 07789 629 519 or schedule a FREE no obligation telephonic consultation to find out how I can support you or your business with your transcription requirements.